Hot Yoga Brugge


​Whether you are looking for a good work-out, a way to increase your strength and flexibility

or a way to help heal (old) injuries,

you are in the right place.

Give hot yoga a try, make it part of your life and experience firsthand the many benefits of its practice. 


Heat up your life with Hot Yoga Brugge !!!

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga, is an intense form of yoga practiced in a room that is heated

to +/- 40 °C with a humidity of +50%.

A Hot Yoga class lasts 90-minutes and consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. 

The postures are designed to address all body parts and muscle groups. The same sequence of postures is used every class. That way you can actually improve them and monitor your progress as your body becomes stronger and your flexibility increases. The heat helps your tendons and muscles to relax and loosen, allowing you to stretch deeper and decreasing the risk of injury.


Hot Yoga is the ideal mix between strength, flexibility, cardio and balance.


Good things come

to those who sweat.


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*In order to guarantee the punctuality of every class the studio opens 30 min before class and closes 5 min before class. 


Single class

Starter card

Monthly card

10 classes card

​3 months card

Year card


*Towel and mat are included

**Discount price for students (please bring your student card) and seniors.

Validity of cards can only be prolonged with a doctor’s note when advising before the end of the validity of the card

17 €

20 € for 7 day try-out*

110/80 € **

150/120 € **

300 €

 850  € 



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Walweinstraat 17a

8000 Bruges


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